There's been a mistake, you've sent me the worng order!

Erezon can make mistakes. It doesnt happen usually, but for a few occasions, it may occur that we get orders misplaced. If this occurs, please con- tact us providing your order code and explaining the mistake that we made and we ll be sure to help you. For that, you can contact us.

Can I modify or cancel an order in Process?

As we produce against on demand, the orders that are already being processed cannot be cancelled or modified. In case they do not have printing, you can always return the order.

I do not manage to pay by credit card. What can I do?

Even though we wish we could help you in that situation, if you receive a notification that says that your credit card has been rejected or payment error, contact the merchant, you should place the order again, contact your bank to know the reason for rejection or place the order using a different payment method.

How I can change my account password?

After logging in to the site, you can create a new password by using the " Manage Profile" tab in the "Dashboard" section to change your password.